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How good is a TTI gearbox?

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Could I get some feedback about the TTI sequential gearbox, easy of use, strength, reliability, spare parts service etc. Interested in using it behind a SR20VET in a sports sedan.


I have seen a lot of TTi boxes through my time as parity manager for the NZV8 TLX race class (where the TTi box was the control box). I've been impressed with their ability to hold together behind a powerful and torquey V8 with minimal issues. For the price they are a pretty capable box which is why we went this way with both our 86 and our 350Z.

On the downside, I personally am not a fan of the separate reverser lever, however others seem to like it so that's up to you. The other issue I've heard of but not seen for myself is failure of the very long input shaft that TTi provide as part of the SR20 adaptor (they use the front half of an SR20 gearbox which makes the input shaft incredibly long). This may be more related to the use in drifting though and since we have this setup in our Z I'll have some first hand knowledge in the near future.

For us one of the deciding factors was the ability for us to ship our gearboxes from Queenstown to Nelson for servicing. This might be a touch harder from Australia though so I'd be asking if they have any approved service centres near you.

We have run the TTIGTO 6 speed box for endurance racing for 3 years now, have had very few issues, remembering we are doing A LOT of shifts per race weekend, one thing i do note is you need to keep it cool, also spending the time to install the linkage system correctly will stop many shift issues.

we run it closed loop up shift control, but manual down shifting.

They are very easy to service, which is important when you'll be checking it often.

we are running turbocharged 4 cylinder around 500hp mark and 7500rpm, for your comparison.

Thanks Andre and Ryan for the feedback. Ryan do you use the single or twin lever version? Is the single worth the added expense?

I cannot find any pricing on these gearboxes... Whats the price of the 5speed?

I would suggest sending them an email.

You can get them on the contact page below


Thank you .... I did this few days ago. Awaiting a response now, just thought pricing would be knocking around online somewhere

Hello for me it would depend on the use i have had extensive use of these boxes in drifting manly with a lot of failures not a issue with touring and road racing

with drifting we are seeing breakages in gears dogs and input shafts.

most of my customers in drifting have shifted to the Hgt box with great results

Regards Ross

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