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How to have a successfull and productive Car shop

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Hi guys,

I just want to say thank you to all the great HPA staff that produce all this courses. Thanks to them i was able to have my own shop and im just starting. Due to all the knowledge i was able to get from the courses i began my carrer as an EFI Tuner and now i can say that i have a good amount of customers.

im opening my shop soon i since im a beginner (22 years old) and i know nothing about how to handle a car shop, i´ll be really grateful to get some tips on how to go about growing up in the business.

i just bought my first Dyno and im really excited for whats coming in the future.

Thanks again guys.

Don't under, or over, value your services, get insurance for the business, use a good business savvy accountant and bank (cash flow is the #1 killer of new businesses) and a business lawyer you trust, stand by your work - good reputations are hard to get, but very easy to lose!

I can't really comment on the 'shop equipment, etc, but check YT for Gas Monkey's Garage Overhaul videos - can't recall their exact name - they have some common problems and possible remedies for things that catch small businesses out.

Thanks Gord for your reply, i´ll save it.

look after your customers and get their money before the car leaves your shop, do not sponsor anyone, do not do a cheap tune because they are a mate, or are high profile. if they are coming to you there is a reason so don't undervalue your skill, don't hire staff unless you absolutely have to, don't trust anyone with your money or accounts without having procedures in place to keep it safe, do not let a car go unless you are happy with the tune this includes the cold start, make sure you take time out to relax in the weekends, limit your tuning time to suitable hours like 8-5 Monday to Friday and charge what you need to charge to make money.

Regards Ross

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