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HP Academy and remote tuning

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I think that there is a growing need for remote tuning services. If the tuner remotely accesses the laptop of a customer who wishes to set up his engine to initially starts and then get it tuned remotely using the Dyno. Any chance that HPA will offer a service like this?

Remote tuning is really not that much different than street tuning. The only real difference is you need take logging to a fairly high level. Most of the time I use MegaLogViewer Hd to tune remotely. I would love to get with Andre and help put together a new webinar.


What I have found is that even if you buy the HP Tuners package, and a NGuage for example Good tuners will not help you remote tune. They are only interested in selling you their locked tune. They are concerned that once they get the tune, and corresponding tables worked out you will have their IP. I am friends with a couple really good tuners and I intend on asking them, but only after I am educated and can play a role in the tune itself and I may even offer them a written non compete, disclosure agreement to make it happen. Bad tuners wont offer an unlocked tune as you could detect how bad they may be. A webinar would be sweet.

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