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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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is this something anyone has thought about? Andre/Ben?

I have been looking at a knock detector, but given I only want to use it on my personal car im trying to do it on the cheap.

and ive noticed a few knock detection equipment offer group discounts.



What are people thoughts? is there enough demand to get this off the ground?

Has HPA thought about opening a "tuners store"?

just a thought

Hey Josh,

Ben and I have considered adding a store however right now we have too much on our plate to do this to the level we would like. If you want to organise a group buy through the forum though you are most welcome to do so.

I know the product is in another price bracket but Plex offer any HPA member a 10% discount on their products FYI.

Yeh I actually looked at organizing a group buy earlier in the year for the Plex knock monitor but they said they do no do group buys at all :(

I know with the knock box, which I believe is the 2014 updated one haltech sells can be had for as low as $450 AUD if you can get on a dealer price point.

long shot but a good potential saving on a unit I thought (have heard anything) would be good quality.

sorry to bump an old thread but funnily enough i got my Phormula knock detection today and personally know the owner of it so maybe we could sort something out?

Count me in for one

thats one then. what ill do is make a thread in a sec to get interest to see how many people want them then contact the owner for prices and shipping to other contries

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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