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Hi all,

been a long time since i have been on here, as most of you know due to health issues.

I just wanted to say a HUGE "CONGRATULATIONS" to Andre and Ben for their decision a few years ago now to setup HPA and help people choose a new career path or increase their knowledge base from what they already new.

Or for the brave to start from scratch.

The progression from shutting down STM, moving to another city on both parties sides was a huge undertaking and as we all know a great move.

Massive hours of time and effort to pass on and share all this valuable material for all to consume.

So just remember to keep recommending this valuable resource to everyone and anyone.

To both Andre and Ben, here's to many many more years of success and enjoyment, i know it stresses you guys but youse always pull it off and you can sit back with a big smile.

So once again guys well done.

Kind regards

Dave Kriedeman


Thanks a lot, Dave! As always thanks so much for the support, your our loudest cheerleader by far! Couldn't have done what we have done without members like you.