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so I’m on cloud 9 right now! My buddy has a built ls1 swapped twin turbo mustang on c16 that had a stumbled and tons of drive ability issues. His tuner he’s had tune the car for the longest time only tuned the sites it would be in at the drag strip because it was never a plated vehicle to take down the road. Well now that it is plated, he’s tried driving it down the road, with a terrible stumble. Had him send me a video of him just blipping the throttle in park, where the stumble would be he was running 17-21:1 afrs! I came in, did have over want and got him more into the ball park of 11.8-12.2 got rid of the stumble and got the car driveable. Next issue that was fixed was he would go up on the brake with 2 step and when he came off of it, it would die. By adding the nearly 57% fuel to the lower portion of the map (the whole entire lower portion of the map is untuned completely, so yes I did have to add that much!). It fixed the stumble coming off the brake. All in all he’s happy. Oh and it was an HP tuners set up so it was also the first hand at ref lashing I’ve ever done. Very happy, he’s happy and says he’s going to allow me to tune the car more often now that I’ve proven myself with this! Again thank you so much to HP academy for putting together The amazing courses that is continuously teaching me!

That's awesome feedback Damen! Good work and I'm glad the courses have been put to good use!

Just using the logs, not even a histogram, I was able to get the afrs into a much safer range. Now if I can learn how to set up histograms for him so I could tune individual sites better instead of large chunks like I had to do last night from the Scanner, I could make it much better. Thanks again Andre!

You'll be pleased to know that we have a webinar coming up that covers histogram setup.

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