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IAT placement with nitrous/WI

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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was thinking about this last night and am curious on what is done in the real world.

when running a single wet nitrous or single water methanol injection, do you place the sensor up or down stream of the nitrous/water nozzles?

my concern with down stream is although more accurate indication of the airs temperature entering the motor it may shorten the sensors life considerably?

but up stream as i just mentioned you are not getting an accurate air temperature and could possible run lean (unlikely given methanol is being added and fuel with the nitrous).

last question is, if you cant 3d map nitrous ie haltech ps1000, can you safely run nitrous on a flex fueled car? i cant see a way you can accurately trim fuel and nitrous when using flex fuel, unless I'm miss understanding something? (likely)

This was touched on in the water methanol webinar if you haven't already seen it. IMHO there's no right or wrong location for the IAT sensor, but rather you need to understand the implications of the location on your tuning. Since you're going to be trimming the fuel/ignition when either the nitrous or WMI is active, you're going to be trimming for these particular conditions regardless of the IAT location and reading so it doesn't strictly matter where the sensor is located. Also consider the situation where the IAT sensor is pre injection - If the IAT increases pre injection then it's fair to assume it will also increase post injection so the compensation should still be effective.

The only thing I would try and avoid is spraying liquid directly onto the sensor. It won't shorten the sensor life but it will affect the accuracy of the reading.

Thanks Andre,

does anyone have experience with flex fuel on nitrous? with an older ecu (PS1000)