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Imperfection in new OEM MLS head gasket

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I installed it anyway but it’s haunting my dreams. Somebody tell me it’ll be fine :)

Pic attached. A small scuff in the viton coating right at the cylinder on the head side. As far as I can figure from searching and thinking the viton is there to fill in surface roughness. My head came back looking mirror polished from PortFlow so I don’t think it’s very rough. I’m also thinking the viton is more about fluid sealing than compression sealing however I do worry about the lack of viton in that spot creating a gap but hopefully one that compresses to almost nothing.

I also figure if we can bolt the head on and off for dummy builds and still use the head gasket then there would be several occurrences like this on the gasket just from that and would still be fine.

Leakdown test passed with flying colors but that’s nothing compared to running cylinder pressures. Somebody put my mind at ease?

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Relax it is inside the crush ring and a small mark on the crush ring i cannot see this being a issue i have seen far worse used in high hp applications without issue when called upon to do so

Regards Ross

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