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Injector dynamics

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Hello everyone

If it is possible can someone provide me with the current or impedence of injector dynamics ID750, 850 and 1000


All the injectors you've listed are a high impedance design.

Just to make sure andre, so they all have a measure of 12 to 16 ohms?


Generically they are classed as high impedance and hence can be driven without a peak & hold injector driver. It's been a while since I've measured the impedance but I believe they may measure down as low as 9-10 ohm.

Would there be any differences running high impedance injectors in peak and hold mode instead of saturated?

You might burn out the drivers in the ecu. Peak and hold is a different way of controlling the injectors vs saturated. You need to match the injector impedance to the driver you want to use!

The danger is more to do with running low impedance injectors with a saturated injector drive as this will result in excessive current. Regardless though you want to match the injector drive to the injector you're using.

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