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Injectors Latency

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Evening guys,

Anyone has any info on the latency/dead times chart for Pico 330cc injectors?

I tried googling but so far no luck.




Pico 330cc = IPW043 (magnetti marelli)

16V / 0.42ms

14V / 0.59ms

12V / 0.82ms

10V / 1.19ms

8V / 1.90ms

(Infos found in a Omex hardware manual)

Hi Ludo,

Thank you. I went through the omex manual. First time in omex website by the way. Not bad the toys they have there similar to Jenvey but with better manuals.

Having said that, i reckon i need to make another appointment with the dyno to input the new latency. Based on your experiences how drastic will the fueling change be with the new figures?



Just to conclude this story, yesterday i was at the dyno. Once i changed the new values, everything was rich.

Had to remap the fueling entirely on all rpm levels.

Note : the old values were slightly lower, by the way.


That'll be because the ECU is allowing the injectors to open longer, dead time + open time = injection time (crude and basic summery), so a bigger number in the dead time will mean the ECU starts opening it that bit earlier allowing more fuel to be delivered, which should be the proper amount now.

Thanks Chris.

I have never done this before and i was speculating before the changes being made.


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