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Intercooler pipe length/volume

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Hi guys,

The engine is twin throttle body vq35 v6. Single turbo. Crossflow radiator and single inlet/outlet crossflow intercooler.

With this setup the IC hot pipe goes to the drivers side and IC cold pipe will passenger side.

The IC inlet/outlet comes out the top of the tanks over the radiator end tanks. 3” outlet pipe then Y into 2x2.5” pipes before the engine.

I can bring the cold side pointing towards the middle of the engine and Y piece off to both TBs with equal length but that goes straight through where the radiator flow duct goes or I can send the pipe straight towards the passenger side TB and Y off to the drivers TB making the drivers side cold pipe about 600mm longer. BOV would be on the single 3”.

In terms of tuning/engine operation how bad is it to have unequal length/volume going to each bank?


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Is that a common plenum between the banks, or are they two seperate plenums?

2 seperate banks/plenums

If that's the case and there isn't a decent sized balanced pipe between the plenums, then trying to have the lenghts as close to the same lenght as possible would be best

Provided the splitter for the pipes is properly designed and has equal flow, there should be negligible difference.

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