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Well,,,,, I introduced the 460ford community to the HP Academy in one of my post. I told them to please mention that I sent them over if they Join and or buy classes. I would be real curious to know how many if any at all listen to me! LoL To be 100% honest HP Academy has been my little secret. Its exactly like when something is so good that you don't want to share it!!

Is there a particular link I can share? Maybe I can build points for classes or to me Andre one day in person!

PS. It is my 20 year wedding Anniversary this fall and NZ sure looks like a pretty place!! (spoken in my best southern US accent)

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hi josh

thanks for the recommendation hopefully we can be all open for travel soon

It is! :-)

But there are many, many parts of the USoA, and Canada, that are also magnificent from the scenery viewpoint!

Gord, I agree. You would be amazed at how many people will never travel more than 3 states away from their home state!

PS. The 460Ford site looks dead these days.

True! Heck, there are still people who've never even left their home town. We used to have an advertising campaign "Don't leave town 'till you've seen the country", meaning don't go overseas when you have yet to see NZ in it's entirety - same thing can apply for most countries.

Bit of a complication, locally - after we were 102 days without community transmission, we've just had 4 linked cases without known transmission source, so those of us in Auckland are being put into stage 3 lockdown and the rest of the country into stage 2. Just started a night-class course, too, but better it's caught early than allowed to fester and spread.

Well, my wife is a Registered Nurse and has worked on the hospital floor for 21 years now. Her floor has always had the sickest of the sick and we came up with our own safety guidelines long ago.

Example: Never pick food up off the floor board of the car / Shoes always come off at the door / Scrubs come off directly once entering the house / Bathe before sitting down to relax or eat.

We have been exposed to the virus repeatedly since Feb / March and haven't got it. I believe it is just us having experience with infectious disease on a daily basis. (My brother swears that we have built up a super strong Immune system.) My nephew and his wife had their first born this past week and turned out everyone but the baby tested positive. Therefore the mother never got to hold her child and won't until they test negative twice. I just can't image what they are feeling right now. We have been trying to be there for them but nothing we can do to for them to see their baby sooner!

The saddest I have witnessed during this is an elderly woman wheel her Husband into the ER and being told she can't enter the hospital. He gives her a kiss and she sits on a bench outside. I come back by and they are walking out to tell the wife that her husband has passed. (Talk about knotting you up inside.) Worse part was neither one had the virus, he died of heart failure.

The way I see it... It's never going away, we will deal with it like we do the flu and eventually it will touch everyone. Majority of people that test positive for antibodies never knew they had it. The worst hit locally to me is the Native American's, at one point they was burying 5-6 a day. I live close to a Indian Reservation and t's been sad.

All of our hospitals now have floors set aside for Covid positive patients with rooms converted to negative pressure. Majority of positive patients quarantine at home and get better with cold / flu medication and vitamins. People just need to pull their head out of social media because everything in that is made to upset you in some way! Yes we should respect the virus and take precautions as they are simple things we can do! But the people I have seen die from the virus would have died from a bad flu strain as they was already compromised. (Just my own personal thoughts, please delete if not allowed.)

Speaking of:

I forget that I am talking to people across the globe! I typically forget and use imperial measurements, not because I don't know metric it's just what I was raised on. The US is honestly already Metric. With me being a Construction Estimator, Steel Detailer, and GPS Surveying Technician I come across particular projects that require metric. Plus the entire healthcare industry is metric as well. The wife and I just convert numbers in our heads. I've wondered if my typing is hard to read?

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