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Evening All,

(On a Honda B-series application)

1. How do i get the IAT sensor connected if i were to run direct open air (with filter socks) without a cover pod which does not

have a flange/adaptor that connects the IAT? Can i run without it at all?

2. What could be causing power surging/erratic idling between 1500-2500 rpm after a good high rev run?(iacv deleted and disable in Hondata S300)

Thanks guys.


1. make a little bracket to hold the IAT close to the intake (over the velocity stack or on the firewall for example)

I would definitely not recommend to run without it.

2. check if your throttle bodies close properly.

What Ludo said and also play with your min idle setting. The ecu might be oscillating trying to achieve idle. datalog your INJ PW so if its cutting in and out , and if it is thats most likely your problem.

Hi Ludo,

You mean just clip it somewhere near the firewall and close to the end of the velocity stack? Run it open air and expose?

I have checked with the synchrometer so far all balanced out well. Except when after a good hard rev, then comes the surging,

I'll look again see if i can fiddle with the idle screw.



Hi Tommy,

What happened was i set the idle on the Hondata at 950 and set it the idle screw somewhere 1000. Another thing i did not set were the injector dead times in the fuel trim tab. i left them as it is fuel the stock map from Hondata. (I am using PICO 330cc injectors)

Not sure if this has to do with the idle speed vs coolant (stationary) settings.

Will log soon and see how it goes. Thanks again.


Yes open air. Since you don't have a air box, the intake temp (inside the ITB) will be close to it surrounding.

Here is a example:

As for your erratic idle after high revving, you should make a video.

Hi Ludo,

Now i can see what you meant clearly from the photo. I looked closely isn't this TWM ITBs? I thought they had a IAT port somewhere on the 4th cylinder?

By the way, what setup this car is running?

I'll capture a video soon.

Thanks again.


I have absolutly NO IDEA of the setup, I found this picture on google.

It's from this video:


No worries Ludo. Much appreciated for the tips.

Here is the backyard project i am currently doing with my brother.

Car belongs to him. We have an appointed mechanic to do the hard work.

Attached are the recent dyno run photos.

90 Integra XSi. Daily driven.

1.8L ITR engine. Minor mods.

Spoon 421 exhaust manifold with 2.5 exhaust system

48mm Jenvey ITBs

Rywire mil-spec wiring loom

Hondata S300J



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