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I'm looking at crewing for more racing teams on the weekends but I'm not sure how to approach them. If I do approach them in person who am I best to give my CV too? one of the mechanics or should I ask for someone. I'm not looking to be paid for the work but looking to forge connections and and gain experience Instead.

As a person and engineer who volunteered for 4 years in a rally team and 3 years in Formula Student, putting into practice your knowledge is vital, applying step by step process with accuracy and speed is crucial, experience things that didn't even know that existed is unique! Unfortunately in volunteer work there are inherent flaws such as personality conflicts, emotional strain and most important to me work ethic and Lack of Structure! I suggest that BEFORE you join a team do a mechanic or engineer seminar and negotiate with the team on a specific role in team that you are willing to work. Set boundaries and clear statements about your values and ethics and if they are compromised end the collaboration immediately.

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