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K24 coolant pressure sensor location

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Where is the best location for a coolant pressure sensor we currently have it on the head where the Honda kseries have the coolant bypass tube I find that it gets very non stable readings here’s and example goto start making a pull its reading roughly 20 boost comes up tons arnt much over maybe 4-5k I’ve had it say 40psi for less than a millisecond then it suddenly is reading in the 20s no higher untill you let off once you let off it reads less than 1 psi engine didn’t push any coolant on the pull I also made another pull at a higher boost pressure and it was anywhere from 10-24psi it has a 1.3bar rad cap I’ve also seen it reading less than a psi cruising basically I can’t trust the reading because it’s all over I’ve heard the water pump can affect the reading but where else can I really put this sensor that would work better? The sensor it’s screwed directly into the bypass btw is there a need for a damper or extension tube like a exhaust back pressure sensor would use?

Any help would be awesome

I've found it's best to have the sensor on the high pressure side of the pump (outlet side). I have moved mine from the low pressure side to the high pressure side and the reading have been more consistent, though I also have some weird anomalies which I have to look into some more.

When it's on the low pressure side, it's pretty dependent on RPM... assuming you have a mechanical water pump...

https://www.hpacademy.com/forum/off-topic-discussion/show/coolant-pressure-sensors this might be helpful


For competition we would typically put the pressure sensor in the expansion/header tank as it will take into account the pressure of the air spring and you will see a direct correlation with temperature and how the cap regulates the system pressure.

Putting transducers directly in the head is never a good idea as they don't tend to last too long and placing them else where in the system will give you something other than actual cooling system pressure.