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Lambda sensor location on a V engine

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I have one question, Specifically for HP academy guys since they have a 350z Car. I have seen you guys using only one lambda sensor mostly. i would like to ask where is it mounted. in a 350Z, the pipe is behind the transmission, fairly far away from the engine cylinders, so I belive mounting a lambda sensor on the Y pipe in not quite a great idea. Will mounting just one sensor on either downpipes be accurate enough for the lambda readings for both banks ?

I'll let Andre respond about that car specifically. Generally speaking we assume the engine AFR is balanced enough that one wideband o2 will get the job done. You also have a wider safety margin to assume AFR will drift up to say 0.5:1 points between banks. That being said, if your particular application has factory wideband sensors for each bank, or you are willing to get one for each bank, I would say do it. The data acquisition can get annoying though as now you have to mount two controllers.

@ِArgh7 Many thanks I agree with you however I have only one controller currently as Im going with a standalone ECU. I was thinking to mount the wideband sensor in the Y pipe after the 2 banks merge, but that would be in the middle of the car, like 1.5 meters away from the cylinders. will that cause a significant delay in the AFR signal ?

I don't believe that would cause an issue, we use a Innovate at the tail pipe usually as a second source for a reading. Rarely are they off by more then a few points, but sometimes it helps. Recently we were tuning a V8, with dual exhaust all the way back, that had a intermittent jump in richness. Changed to the other side and stayed steady, found a fouling number 7 plug...but like stated above, 2 sensors can be a hassle, or a blessing sometimes.

Many thanks @selectivePC, waiting for @Andre's input as well !

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