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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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hi every body

i want to ask what is the best lambda kit for reading the afr and lambda and what is the good sensor ntk or bosch ??

The Innovate LM-2 Meter Kit you can buy off ebay is very good and well priced. I am using it for testing and tuning. I also have a EUGO Wideband with Gauge wired into the car, and i have tested accuracy of both units together and they are both very accurate both of these use the Bosch LM2 Wideband Sensor.

As I understand it, the NTK is great however more expensive. The bosch unit is still very good and well priced and is the more common sensor used. The PCB in the controllers may not be compatible with difference sensors, so its important to know which controller is compatible with which sensor you select. All this is covered in the AFR course, and if you have not completed that course yet, i would recommend it!.