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Link G4 and Racepak

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Is there any chance that someone may be kind and generous enough to help me with some guidance on how to get some data to display on a racepak IQ3 non logger from a post 10000 ser no G4/V88 (actually v88 but i was told they are the same as G4). To be honest i dont really understand the settings on either software and i find the Racepak datalink especially confusing. I have a module from Racepak that says for G4+ and i have been told that this is correct, i also have a Vipec module but had no success with that either. I must have wasted days on this so far and i'm nearly ready to throw the Racepak away.

Thanks in advance

Hi Leon,

The Vipec module uses serial and the G4+ module uses CAN, either one should work (CAN is the better choice) but they need setting up in different areas in the software.

You can email and I should be able to work through it with you or we can arrange a time I can jump on teamviewer and give you a hand.