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I have put a SSB lithium battery in my car to remove wieght. It is a motorcycle specific battery with 600cca rating. The battery wieghs 10% of the wieght of a 600cca lead acid wet cell battery. The battery has performed well for a few events. But the car has been out of action for about a year now with a broken motor. So I cant speak of the long term use of the battery.

Just want to hear peoples opinions of using the lithium batteries for motorsport. And how they go with lots of use etc?

for my nissan R35, I have years ago changed the normal battery to (lifepo) lithium battery. Not a car ready, only the core parts and I assembled it for my own. So I can put it there i want, the price is much smaller (in Europe only 108€) ... It's a lithium battery LiNANO® 8 Ah 12V HP25C LiFePO and worked for years good in a car that is driven on road and circuit on -25°C to 36°C. Only then car is long offline, I cut the power with a switch because the problem with these battery typ is, if it's underload then the battery is broken. There are more cells on the street, but the difference are the discharge current (start the car bzw. motorcycle). 8 AH is for my 6 cylinder pretty good, no problems over 3 years. Org. battery 12,04 Kg, my system with balancer board, bread and butter case 1,84 Kg (under the front passenger)