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Lotus Esprit Aftermarket ECU

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I have a 1993 Lotus Esprit looking to see if anyone messed with one and installed aftermarket ECU?

Trying to find out what ECU can drive the stock engine with stock trigger setup

89+ 4cyl Esprit has GM/Delco system it uses flywheel pick up, there are 7 slots on the flywheel in a certain pattern. Does not have cam pick up, runs wasted spark which I can live with.

I don't want to mess with custom crank trigger setup unless someone has bolt on option.

I was thinking of trying out ecu master emu black with their pdm

I also have FT600, Haltech ps1000 and adaptronic universal select that I have sitting around

I msgd ecu master hope to get clear answer from them soon

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Link has a Lotus trigger mode for the 6+1 flywheel.

Great good to know that Adam, so with link and oem pick up the only way to go is wasted spark and batch injection right?


I seem to vaguely remember these engines all have ITB's? If they do you could connect a MAP sensor to a single intake port and do what we call a MAP level sync which would allow sequential and direct spark. If not ITB then you would need a cam sensor to do seq fuel and direct spark.

Man that will be easy to do, yes they do have itb’s, can link do drive by wire, I was thinking of using bmw motor to drive the itb’s, also engine safety cut outs and traction control?

If yes which model do you recomend

Thanks again

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