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Hey guys, just after some insight. I am building a drift car that has a ls1. I took it for a drive just before and while driving straight I have full power then it surges. I also tried to do a drifting donut and the whole time it was continually surging and hopping around. Now it has plenty of fuel and it happens if I go left or right. It has a 300kw tune already loaded. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance

Going to ask the obvious question - is there enough fuel in the tank? This could be many things, from a dying fuel pump that can't keep up under high load, to a compromised fuel hose. I actually had this exact issue at the drift track last event, and it turned out to be a crack in the fuel hose at the pump. I would start by ensuring all the hoses are OK. If that fails try a new pump. I am assuming you don't have an aftermarket ECU you could connect to and view telemetry?

Hey yes it has fuel, all the lines are brand new braid. I have 2 044 pumps running. They seem like they are working fine however I will try 2 out of another mates car and see if that helps. I have a stock vy ECU that has the 300kw mafless tune in it.