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Maf/ve setup

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Maf and ve tables within 2% to redline am running a 2 bar system on my boosted ls3 418 how do I set up the dynamic airflow for best performance? Do I leave it like the factory settings or would I benefit if I set it up in a special rpm? Turn off maf ? Run speed density? my procharger is already maxed out on 12 psi I seen cylinder airmass of 2.0+ not scaled so my limit is 1.36g everywhere including logger

If you've got good control of everything with the MAF/VVE then I don't really see any need to change anything. As a matter of personal preference I usually would approach this sort of task using a SD patch but I know plenty of tuners who don't. I can't advise on changes to the dynamic airflow settings though and would probably advise you leave them as is.