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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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It’s a G dash and an Evo4 logger

Ok, from the links I've post you can setup the CAN connection for your device

Thanks for that

is their a before and after dyno graph from when he installed it, curious where he picked up power and torque along with the difference in afr. especially if the only upgrade was the ms3 and tuning

Do you mean the MX5 @Joseph? It has also had the antique AFM removed which is rather restrictive, along with a catless exhaust. A CAT is not required legally in NZ, so it is not uncommon to remove them rather than replace in older vehicles.

We have changed the dyno since the initial run and some tuning, so I am unsure where those files will be now off the top of my head.

For those following the thread, we have created the first Megasquirt webinar here:

Jono is just putting the finishing touches on the upload, it should be live in the archive under 30 minutes from this post.

Course material shouldn't be far to follow in the coming weeks.

I enjoyed last nights webinar, I do in some ways wish you had a microsquirt and their flagship ms3. which is a great for 4 cylinders and rotary and still has flex fuel. I'm really looking forward to trying a arduino via can bus for some extra sensor inputs which but i have some more reading and waiting for a can bus shield to come in to try out. I realize the use of vehicle for content creation but how many have threads discussing them.

Good point, might have to start a wee thread although compared to a lot of things you find on the internet the MX5 in particular really isn't much changed from stock and even if it gets a turbo bolted on in the future that is a popular mod that is well documented, so it's difficult to guess what people do and don't want to know about.

For the shop cars though we have been making an effort over the last 12 months to document a few things that will come out in a video format which I think is something you will enjoy Joseph =)

Hello Gents! Just checking in to see if you have an ETA on some hot MS and TunerStudio action?