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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Just a heads' up. FP1 & 2 will be on Friday - they're breaking away from the traditional Thursday practice and 'market' day on Friday to bring it in line with the other races.

Thanks for the heads up Gord! I didn't know the FP1 and 2 were on Thursday for Monaco? Which team / driver are you cheering for?

Traditionally, they were on the Thursday - the heads' up is because they're now on the Friday. Sorry if that come over a bit confused before.

For the most part, probably more Mercedes and McLaren biased - RB are a really good team, but they do have a bit of a tendency to whine and blame everyone else, regardless of where the blame may lie - it's NEVER their fault! A bit like Ferrari used to be.

I'm also a Williams on my mother's side, so their fall from their absolute domination at one time to the back of the field does hurt, and I think Clair and Frank should have gone for at least one good, experienced driver a few years back as they should have been able to work more effectively with the engineering side in developing the cars - and the saving in repairs may even have given change after balancing that against the higher wage demand, and sponsors brought by the driver to the company.

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