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Motec cdi8 inquiry

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Hello, i have an inquiry about motec's cdi8, does it need to be tuned after being installed or does it work automaticly?



No tuning of the CDI itself is required, if installed correctly it should work fine. However, because the CDI is edge triggered from the ecu I would set your dwell settings in the ecu to a single number. Generally I will set my whole dwell table to 1ms. Also ensure your trigger edge settings in the ecu match the CDI unit you're using.

After this is done I would double check base ignition timing and delay and also check over the tune (do a few power runs checking for knock and try different ignition angles) to ensure the change in ignition system hasn't altered anything in the combustion process.

As Chris has said, the CDI-8 needs the following setup;

Dwell - 1ms

Edge - Falling

Trigger - 40mA

You need to ensure that the CDI is wired according to the MoTeC Datasheet for the CDI-8 (p/n 14004).

Other than that, they are tuned exactly the same way as any other ignition system, swapping from an existing Ignition system that has been tuned with inductive coils should be a direct swap over, if everything is configured correctly, but it is always advised to confirm the tune on a dyno to make sure that the change in spark characteristics has not induced a change.

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