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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Got an email, and curious, I opened the link:


I thought, OMG, a knockoff of HPA and Racecraft! But then it has Andre and Ben as co-founders!

Great stuff!

That building is going to be real full!

I was just about to make a thread about this since its on topic but can someone tell me how long the 50% offer will last? (code via email)

Exciting stuff eh @Alfred!

We'd be tripping over each other here for sure @David haha, luckily we're doing this with Nigel Petrie who is based in Aus, and has an epic workshop already setup: https://www.instagram.com/EngineeredtoSlide/

@Zach, fire an email to support@etsfab.com regarding any coupons or course-related questions, but the coupon should be active for a few days more at least I believe.

Do VIP members get access like we did with RaceCraft?

Yes. I already claimed my ETS membership. You should have an eMail.

No email.

I'm also still waiting. But let's just be patient; they'll get around to it.


I have solid resume in fabrication...3+ years as the heads fabricator and machinst at Singer Vehicle Design. Also did R&D, track support, chassis prep and road tuning(AEM Infiniti2).

I'm certainly not, Chris, but if the LOTTO comes up...

Seriously, though, do you have a preference - HPA et al are based in the Queenstown area of New Zealand, whereas Riley is based somewhere in Australia and, despite what many think, they're separate countries ;-)

You're going to have plenty of time to think about is, unfortuanately, as countries all over the world are shutting borders.

In the meantime, do what you can to keep yourself and those around you safe - educate yourself on what you can do, minimise contact, etc. The idiot in the WH had around 8 weeks of warnings but it was only last weekend when the share market continued to crash (worse after his 'encouraging' speech) that he has actually changed his stance from minimising any threat - Sunday "The virus is under control", Monday, "I didn't say that", "the virus isn't under control". He has continued to lack any ability to give America any centralised leadership but is still fobbing it off to State level - when it's the most important task any leader has had since WW2! TBH, it's what I expected from the buffoon!

If you can, get yourself checked - the infection has been basically unchecked for 8 weeks and, even then, what testing was being done was severely limited by the CDC, who also dropped, and are continuing to drop, the ball.

"Seriously, though, do you have a preference - HPA et al are based in the Queenstown area of New Zealand, whereas Riley is based somewhere in Australia and, despite what many think, they're separate countries ;-)"

Who's Riley? Don't you mean Nigel?

Just to point out why you shouldn't make to many comments about leaders of other nations let me say a couple of things. If I were a New Zealander I wouldn't go bashing DT in the WH, why? because JA from NZ said only the other day NZ had to react quickly to Covid-19. Covid-19 has been a global issue since December and JA is only just now saying NZ has to react quickly? Talk about dropping the ball she has had months to react and she has only just decided to.

With regards to OZ and NZ being separate countries that's probably a good thing because JA, and the NZ Labor Party, has a habit of interfering in our politics when it is already on its knees but she wont do a thing about old boy Winston, HC did though years before, because if she did she would no longer hold the balance of power and could quite easily lose a vote of no confidence and therefor throw NZ into its own version of political turmoil.

Feel free to throw anything about Australian politics into the fray, I don't mind. I know our system has problems and will gladly admit it and discuss it in an appropriate place. I wouldn't be attacking DT in the WH so openly though when your own system is slower than a wet week in Dunedin ;-).

Oh and by all means send the idiot Aussie who left Australia a day after testing for Covid-19 to fly to NZ while waiting for his results (which I think were positive) back from whence he came. Really poor form that was and if I was in power he would be incarcerated quicker than his feet hit the tarmac back on our golden shores. Cheers.

Yeah, a brain fart there for the name - and I had even checked it.

Sure, NZ could, and many (including me) think should, have restricted those coming into the country earlier* - however she, as was the Australian Government, already aware of and discussing the virus as being a serious, global pandemic and working on a response. Remember, while it was a global concern - or should have been - it was to be quite some time before it was officially a 'pandemic'.

trump was dismissive of it being of any concern, dismissing it as being like the flu, dismissing the risk of it getting to America, ignoring the briefings people were trying to give him to inform him, as of last Sunday still stating "the virus is under control", etc - THAT is why I have been so disgusted with him - heck, remember his refusal to allow that liner with infected passengers to dock? Remember his reason - that he didn't want them to make the numbers look bad?

*Almost all infection here, to date, have been from people entering the country already infected - most not aware of symptoms at the time. Those who had entered the country are required to go into self-isolation (helpful, but...) and those that didn't are being removed/expelled.

Anyway, it's very late/early and I'm off to bed.


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