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New Haltech Wideband and Older CAN Hub

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Hello fellow car enthusiasts and Haltech fans. I have a question regarding the new wideband controller setup. I current have the platinum metal box series wideband and the 6 port CAN hub connect to the front port of an elite 2500. Please see attachment. The old is currently working well will all inputs and outputs.

I got the new wb2 and I was looking over the instructions for the new controller. It depicts the new controller needing to connect directly to the Elite Ecu itself via the CAN port. Is this the case or can I still connect it through the CAN hub, with an adapter cable, in place of the older wide band and daisy chain in additional devices?

I'm waiting on an answer from Haltech USA and thought I would ask here too. Thanks for the help.


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You can select whether the WB2 is connected to the main connector (in the ECU header plug) or the auxiliary CAN connector on the ECU itself in the 'Main Setup - CAN Devices' screen.

Thanks Andre. I may not have been clear. I already have the older style wide band going into my 6 channel CAN hub. But I'm asing for confirmation that the newer wideband design can still go through the CAN Hub as the instructions say to connect direcr to the ecu. I still need to use my CAN hub for other devices. Thanks.