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Nitromethane fuel

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i would like to recieve some information regarding nitromethane racing fuel, currently i have bought drums of vp 50% nitrometh, but i can hardly find any information about this fuel.

I am planning to run this fuel on a 6 cylinder TB48 stocker NA engine with high compression, the information i want is should i mix this fuel with pump gas? What is the stiometric ratio of this fuel? How much increase of power will i have over e98 fuel.


Oh, my - is this for those sand dune hill climbs? I assume that is the Nissan 4.2 litre petrol engine?

First, the fuel is ****ing dangerous to use - not for the beginner - and, second, is likely to toast your engine. There is a lot of information on-line about the fuel - where have you been looking?




Back to the fuel - VP Nitro50 is a 50% nitro-methane and 50% methanol blend, the AFR of the first is around 1.7:1 (richer is better) and the latter 6.5:1 (richer is better) - I think this means an AFR of 2.7:1 (CHECK THAT!). With that raw fuel you would be looking at, perhaps, double the torque/power, so breakages are almost guaranteed. The fuel is very flamable (pure nitro' was outlawed in drag racing because it was known to spontaneously ignite in the fuel tanks) and can be hard to extinguish, gives off nitric acid fumes when burned, is very corrosive to aluminium parts, and there are a bunch of other issues with it.

Mixed 50-50 with petrol/gasoline you will be looking at around 8:1 (again, CHECK THAT) with richer being better. With this I would expect you will make at least 50% more power/torque than petrol/gasoline and at least 35% over E98 - all this, of course, depends on the tuning.

I would strongly suggest you have a really good think about using this fuel and, if you do go ahead, let us know the results and please post all the testing on YouTube.

Thanks for the feedback Gord, ill surely run 50% of that mixed with pump gas and tune the engine on a 12 inj setup ( hi/lo ) config. Engine is strocked to 5.3 liters from manufacture its 4.8 liter, the engine made 420WHP on pump gas will try it on this fuel and give you the results!

OK, don't forget what I said about how nasty and corrosive it is, and you will need a healthy fuel supply - even then, I am half expecting the testing to end in a cloud of smoke and bits flying around.

Take it easy and work your way up to full load - and good luck ;-D


just one more thing, how good is it with detonation?

A couple of the links I posted go into that - IIRC, because of the high methanol content, it is very good - remember, it uses a LOT of fuel for the AFR and that is going to have a big cooling affect.

Regardless, CHECK as much info' as you can get - if it goes wrong, it'll be you paying the bills.

Oh, I would also suggest installing a good fire retardent system, in case of leaks - there will be a LOT of fuel being splashed around if you have a leak (remember, it is very corrosive and if you miss replacing a hose, or seal, you could have a major one) or fire.

TBH, since you can already get high percentage ethanol, I'd be looking at turbo'or supercharging (or both) and using that fuel.

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