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Non intercooler Turbo?

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Hey, I was given a GT3576 so thought why not chuck it on the 5.0L commodore :)

It makes 200rwhp now n/a stock not chasing massive numbers out of

It, 300rwhp would be nice... Not sure how much they can handle

So only thinking 7-10psi and to keep thinks quick and easy was not going to use a intercooler.

Sooo just wondering what I should expect? On 10psi using a online calc I think the intake air temp will be around 90 degrees C... Will this make the engine extremely knock limited? Will running quite rich alleviate most of the issue 11.5:1? Or is it leaving way too much power on the table?

Is sourcing an IC completely off the table? Might you consider a meth-injection?

Not completely off the Table, But we are just looking to sell the car shortly after so just trying to keep it as simple and quick (to build) as possible. Ditto on the Meth, just adds cost....

I was hoping with the low boost we could get away without a cooler but if its just going to be too hot and not really work well then we can do.

Ask yourself if the time (remember time = money) and materials you put into this are going to = the increase in sale price for the vehicle. If it will then go for it, if it won't then why even consider doing it. To be honest I'd say don't do it unless you're going to fit an intercooler.

What ECU are you using on the Commodore?

I don't know that any tuning will be the equivalent of a cooler charge? Added fuel and/or timing will/may safeguard the engine at the cost of power/economy but I don't know that it will do anything to replace and IC...?

If I were you I would get a IC and add it to the cost of the car as Michael Gold suggest.

My limited experiences with non intercooled turbo engines were not that great to be honest. You will likely find that on pump gas with a relatively high static compression ratio, 10 psi boost and 90 + degrees IAT, that the engine will be heavily knock limited and hence you will be severely compromised on power. The other issue you may find depending on your wastegate configuration is that with the very retarded timing you will almost certainly need to run to control knock, that you run into trouble with the boost creeping out of control at high rpm.

A good quality fuel or water methanol injection will help your cause as it give you a wider margin to the knock threshold. A rich mixture on its own will help, but given the combination you're talking about, you probably can't expect too much from just adding some fuel. To be honest with the price of intercoolers these days it would be hard to justify not fitting one.

Ok so Intercooler it is :) Thanks guys

You've made a smart choice I think :)

I wouldn't even THINK about having forced-induction without a cooler!. Sure you could run really low boost... but that defeats the cost/purpose of the FI upgrade altogether!. From what i'v heard... 10psi on a stock Holden 5.0L (standard compression ratio) is right on the edge of failure. Don't even think about it if you've got an Auto and you don't want to upgrade it.

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