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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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any one tuned a 1uzfe? If so what tips and tricks would you have to share? I hear the NZ guys make stupid power on stock internals just wondering what power levels have you guys reached? (Forced induction )

I was involved with a 1UZFE drag engine back through my old shop STM. We ran that with itb's, ported heads and a set of cams and nitrous and produced around 350 kW atw on a dynapack before it finally broke a piston. With a set of custom JE pistons and Eagle rods added to the mix along with methanol and twin GT3582 turbos it now produces 925 whp on a dynapack at 17 psi although that's simply as far as it can be pushed on the dynapack before shutting the dyno down. At the track it runs 22 psi which it's safe to say will be above 1000 whp. Just to be clear, I no longer tune the car now and it's handled by Chris Wall @ Prestige Tuning.