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OBD2 tools - your experiences?

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Looking at picking up an OBD2 bi-directional tool, and I was wondering about peoples' experiences with different brands/models reliability, warranty/guarantee service, ease of use, things they wish they'd made sure were part of the package, etc? At this point, primarily focused on the Asian market for general reading, clearing, etc of codes for engine, transmission, electric steering, ABS bleedintg, etc - key/security coding, camera and sensor resetting, etc, isn't currently a concern?

They're not something I'm that familiar with and, when looking at several hundred dollars, the old adage (that I made up) "a cheap tool that doesn't do what it is needed for, is one of the most expensive you can buy" comes to mind.

Veering towards the Autel MK808S at the moment, but even in that manufacturer's product lines there are many similar tools that, to a relative newbie like me, seem like practically the same things?

Autel and Launch have very good diagnostic tools. Autel can also be used as passthrough device to work with oem online diagnostics and programming.

I have had Launch many many years and recently got Autel also.

Autel's oscilloscope is very good too if you are in need of it. It is included in some kits but can be purchased separately of course.

Thank you.

Forgot to mention, looking at stand-alone and 12V only 😎

I had the chance to play with an Autel last week and was pretty happy with it! A lot of functionality for the price, easy to use, I was able to easily program a key for a replacement ECU. I'm gonna check which model number it was and I'll let you know!

After a couple of mis-steps, got the Autel MK808S ordered - other models have some additional functionality, but $$$ and it seems to meet all the needs I can presently think of.

I'll post a follow-up when I've received it and had a bit of a play with it.

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