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OEM Brushless pump with an additional surge tank setup

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Does anybody here have any experience with surge tank setups.

I am thinking about getting one since I cannot get my fuel issue's resolved with a any drop-in solutions.

Though I am not 100% sure how to use it.

Can it be used with a hobbs switch only. Or does it need to do the entire fuelling?

Tried a inline AEM400 pump once, which fixed the issue.

But I couldn't get my wiring done to have it prime, it would run 100% continuously.

Tried a lot of sources but nothing was good for it.

Hello, it's a great idea to fit a surge tank set up using the OEM pump to feed the surge tank and return from the top of the surge tank to the OEM tank to take care of the overflow. the surge tank can then feed an external pump to the engine, through the fuel rail to a regulator, and then return to the surge tank. wire a new relay for the external pump and trigger it from the OEM fuel pump wiring. this will allow it to run at the same time and act just like the OEM pump.

regards Ross

Yup, as long as the lift pump has enough capacity, and as it's not pumping against a pressure head it'll actually have an increase of the original pressurised flow.

I'd probably run the 'high pressure' return to the tank, rather than the surge tank, to reduce the recirculation of hot fuel through the fuel rails.

I was looking around and noticed radium has one for the e5lm pump and the surge tank has an integrated fuel pressure regulator.

Was thinking about using that.

I have a torqbyte pm5 which was intended as a replacement controller for my factory brushless controller.

Which I wanted to use with the E5LM pump.

But being having idle and restart issues with it, which I am not sure can be resolved.

So was looking around for a backup solution.

The can doesn't use a return line.

It has a regulator on the OEM pump basket inside the fuel tank.

So my idea was to remove stock fuel line from pump to engine.

And go from OEM tank/pump to surge tank have a return line from surge to OEM tank.

And have a new fuel line from surge tank to engine bay(high pressure fuel pump).

And hopefully the fpr on surge tank allows me to handle fuel pressure.

Since the whole issue now is having enough pressure in high rpm range.

Tried a aem400 inline once. But couldn't get it to prime with door open and run only when can runs.

So it was always on.

But it did make enough pressure.

Though doubt a constant high pressure without a return can be good in the long run.

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