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Oil change intervals and oil filter quality?

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May I ask since I'm using my vehicle for going to and going home from the track, I would just like to ask how frequently should I change the oil and whereabouts do I define a good quality oil filter for my intended purpose for the vehicle. The vehicle being used is an ST185 Celica with the 3SGTE engine. Forged internals but with just a light porting on the head.

How long do you race it at the track (3 drag race passes, 150 miles of track day time, or 6 hours enduros?) Do you run a higher rev-limit than stock?

I go reasonably long with dedicated race car engines (probably 1000 miles or 10-12 hours of loaded running). This is using stock internal engines in lightweight cars. I use Mobil1, and usually a good quality standard filter (there are reviews online showing the internals of many commonly available filters).

I know many people change the oil every race weekend or two. For my class racing, i think that is overkill. Engines and bearings still look great at 30-50 hours on Mobil 1.

Hi David, I mainly use if for 6 hour eduros back to back. And I am running 1000 rpm higher than stock rev-limit. Thank you very much for the insight!

what fuel?

E85 generally means you need a more frequent service interval.

Hey there Joshua! I am not using E85 mate as it's not very common here so I just using 98ron pump fuel. Thank you very much for the insight on how e85 can affect the service interval.

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