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Oil pan sandblasting?

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I had a small oil leak on my evo 8 from taking out the engine for engine bay refreshment.

Since we had to sandblast (with aluminiumsilicate) to weld up the bad area, some got inside the oil pan.

I rinsed it out with water and soap, brake clean and lots and lots of towels.

At the point the paper towels get clean out of the oil pan after whiping, i called it good.

Now i'm quite worried about this stuff getting in my engine (okay, everything got out clean no grid to find anymore, but you can't reach all the places i guess..). I mounted a new oil filter and new castrol oil. Should i be worried?

Thank you in advance.

I would have had it sonic cleaned in a hot tank for a while personally but you're probably OK. If you're paranoid buy a few filters, a few gallons of cheap oil, and do a few oil changes, literally back to back to back while idling if it gets your oil temps/thermostat working.