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I am member of a Formula Student team ,we use a CBR 600 RR with a 20mm restrictor. Our gear ratios are: 2,2 for the first 1,8 for the second 1,56 for the third and 1,36 for the fourth gear. Our peak at torque is at 9200RPM, according chassis dynamometer using fourth gear. I am wondering at which RPM should the driver change gear. I am thinking of at the torque peak .Am I right? Also , at the Dashbord , I have set the gear change light 500 RPM lower of this point? Anyone here has something to suggest?

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I wrote an App for the iPhone/iPad to do that calculation (Shift RPM). Essentially you want to calculate the torque at the wheel (or output sprocket) in each gear. You plot those torque curves as Wheelspeed vs. Torque (or shaft RPM vs. Torque), and the point at which there is more torque in the next gear is the ideal shift RPM. Sasha Anis wrote a technical article on this you can find here: