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Osciloscope choice

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Looking for one to have in my shed as some sensors are impossible to test using multi-meter.

My priorities are:

1. Relatively cheap.

2. Less features. I only need to see wave and that's it.

3. Portability and small dimensions.

I will give a couple of suggestions:

1. Go for at least two channels if you can - it is often necessary for instance to see something change in relation to something else - such as cam position referenced to crank position.

2. Avoid the really cheap Hanteks such as 6022 and 1008, they really are crap. Their higher-end ones seem better.

3. You typically dont need anything too fast for most automotive testing ~5MHz. Good memory depth is nice to have though (length of recording it can do).

4. I have never used one of the "DSO Nano" type things but their interface looks pretty cumbersome.

I have played with quite a few USB and desktop scopes at different jobs. Here's some that I think are very good low cost options:

Picoscope 2204A ~USD$120.

Perytech DSO2100 ~USD$89.

Adam, truly great insights to start from. That's exactly an answer I've been looking for. Will give a glance to options mentioned as well.

+1 for Picoscope. Had mine for over a decade.

I really like my 4 channel Micsig. Picoscopes are great but I generally would prefer to have a stand alone display.

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