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P0500 - VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR A and Engine sensor failure 1 - Code 64 after wheel bearing replacement - Subaru

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Have a 2009 Subaru Forester XT, 5 speed.

Car recently required wheel bearings replaced (front drivers/right), replaced both Front and left with some generic hubs which fixed my wheel bearing noise however the car is now throwing a P0500 - VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR A.

The car runs in a limp mode with this code triggered, lots of indicators are lit up on dash - ABS, Cruise (blinking), hill assist/traction control lights are on. None of these features are working.

Did some basic troubleshooting, looking at the sensors that go into the knuckles for the wheels, I could not find any physical damage to them, so i disconnected them one at a time then both to see if the code would change. It did not change.

Did some more reading and found I Can use FreeSSM to check additional codes, thats where it pulls the Engine sensor failure 1 - Code 64 from.

Not really sure how to further troubleshoot this - has anybody had something similar or can point me in the right direction to keep troubleshooting?

Could it be the generic hubs? Not sure how as the sensor seems to read from the axle's?

Is it possible your generic replacement parts don't have the wheel speed triggers needed for the ABS system to function?

Where abouts are the wheel speed triggers?

I did have a photo of the generics i have vs the ones that came out - i could not really tell much difference?

Where the wheel sensors sit I didn't even think it comes into contact with the bearing?

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I think you need bearings like the ones described here: