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PDMs (Power Distribution Modules)

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Hi all

A bit off topic but what PDM's (Power Distribution Modules) are you using.

Having a Motec ECU and dash I have naturally been looking at the Motec PDM's but are any others worth looking at?


The answer is simple NO.

If you have already a Motec ECU and dash, the PDM integrates perfectly into the excisting system. You won't be dissatisfied, it's a great product!

There certainly are other PDMs on the market that you could consider. I agree with Adrian in so much as the CAN integration between the Motec product line is understandably hard to beat. This isn't to say that you can't integrate with other PDMs, but expect a lot more work at the programming end getting it talking and operating as you desire. I would urge you to stay away from the Racepak Smartwire products if possible. I know the lower price point can seem appealing but after dealing with two smartwire installs I just about tore my hair out. For a product that on paper shares the same capability as the Motec PDM, the limitations in the software are mind blowing.

I'd look at the products from Life Racing as a viable alternative. Just trade off any cost difference with the time to configure and program though. Depending how much value you place in your time, often it will be cheaper to bite the bullet and go with the Motec PDM.

Thanks for the input both.

Think I need to have another look at Life.

Integration isn't an issue, compared to the stuff I do at work...CAN etc is pretty simple.

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