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Piston ring tangential load measurement

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Hi all, Is there any way to measure the tangential load of the piston compression ring? Thanks

Could you clarify what you're asking - I don't think you're using the correct term?

Hi, it's also called as tangential tension Or tangential force of the piston ring.

I thought you meant radial - the force the ring applies to the bore. Tangental is in line with the circumference and is usually used with tubes and cylinders holding pressure, or vacuum, referenced to the outside pressure.

However, on further checking to see if it activated comatose brain cells it did trigger something, and it's as you thought.

It is the force required to close the ring, usually to the specified diameter or ring gap, and it can indeed be measured.

There are specialist tools available, but if you're reasonalbly hand with fabrication you could make something that will work, yourself.

Basically, it requires a length of strong wire, nylon line, etc, wrapped around the ring with one end fixed, the other end on a tension balance, with the wire crossing over at the gap. Pulling on the balance will close the ring gap to the desired distance and the force required can be read on the balance.

Obviously, it's going to be difficult controlling the assembly without the wire slipping off, or whatever, but you should be able to figure out some means of holding everything in place - if you have a friend with a 3D printer, you should be able to design a tool that has negligible resistance to being squeezed closed.

Maybe some sort of segmented/notched ring, with an internal square groove to match the ring width, and an outside groove to take the wire - an "H" cross-section - the same overall length as the rings. Use a double slip joint to align the open ends.

Alternatively, some sort of clamp arrangement (nylon jawed?) that firmly holds the ends without damaging them, and some sort of gauge that measures the applied force should work.

Hi Gord, Thanks for answering my question, I have to do some fabrication now to see how much tangential load my piston ring requires to close.

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