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planing RB28 build need some advice

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Hi just planning to build my RB26 and going to put a nitto 2.8L stroker kit in it and wanting to keep the low mount turbos on it for a some what of a factory look (and no I will not go single turbo ). just wanting advice on what turbos and cams to go for good response and look around 500 to 600 AWHP if i can thanks

If you're determined to go with a low mount twin setup then the HKS 2530/Garrett 2860-5 is a proven performer in that power range. They are incredibly laggy compared to a modern high mount single (BW EFR/Garrett G-series for example) but that is the price you'll need to be willing to accept. The stock cams will actually get you into that power range although they will benefit from vernier cam gears to optimise their performance. Alternatively if you're determined to fit aftermarket cams I'd suggest something quite mild like the Tomei Poncam. These are also compatible with the stock valve springs which is a huge advantage if you don't have the head off.

would having the 2.8L stroker help with the turbo lag much or not much at all? thanks.

I don't how much it would help in regard of the response, but I'm just questioning the use of the Nitto stroker kit on your setup.

The advantages of the Nitto 2.8 is that they are super strong, super reliable and you can rev it to the sky. So for your power goals, a normal forged piston/rod combo would be more than enough. Also, using low mounts twin, it will be hard to use the rev range that the stroker kit can handle. I am not super familiar with the HKS/Garrett -5 but my guess is that they won't flow enough to get you in the high revs. Maybe I am wrong, if I am, please correct me haha!

If a customer would come at my shop with these power goals wanting to keep low twins, I would go with CP Pistons - Manley or Eagle Rods - Tomei Pon Cam - HKS/Garrett -5... Then, send it! :)

Thanks for your input definitely got some thinking to do

why not run the new G25 , twin , and the 2.8 lad problem solved , or grab a neo head for the vvt , perfect option serious build

A bit late to the party, but how is this project progressing? TBH, I'm rather surprised at your intention to fit a stroker kit - sure, there are a lot of benefits, but for the build you're looking at, it seems the money may be more productively spent elsewhere?

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