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Finally got a digital dash and chose the powertune one because it ticks the box of "lots of settings and stuff to fiddle with" (gotta keep the hobby going right?)

Got it setup and running on the haltech and I have to say its nice to have a water temp display again after installing the aftermarket ecu (honda multiplex the water temp, battery light and aircon enable request lines - aftermarket dashes dont like that so you lose those features)

After setting up the displays the way i wanted to - I started looking inside the code to have a fiddle - Ive got the code bits i want to modify sorted out - but rather than manually hacking a file at a time - i wanted to learn a bit more about github and use another raspberry pi to do some hackery with the dashboard code.

Is there anyone on here that either has a powertune dash and wants to swap info - or knows how to use github and wants to throw a few bits of advice over on how to make it work the way github intended (on a raspberry pi not windows) because theres a couple of changes i found in the source code that i want to make :)

Anyways - have fun peoples

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