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PRI 2017

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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so, who is going to PRI 2017?

I've already booked the flight and hotel about 3 weeks ago ;)

Would be great to put names to faces.

You don't mess around! Ben and I are intending to go this year. We've missed the last two shows and don't want to make it three in a row. We will be holding another 'Tuner Meet Up' at the show too. More details closer to the time.

so, it's about 6 weeks to PRI ... who's going? ;)

Just us then hey? :)

I'll be there.


I live in Indianapolis so I'll be there for sure. I owe Andre and Ben a drink hahaha. I was hoping to have the tuning workshop up and running by PRI so I could invite HPA down. But unfortunately finances aren't going to allow us to open in December. :/

We will take a drink if it's on offer :)

There is also the PWM Motorsport Expo in Coeln from 15-17 of November. I've been there 2 years ago. A Very good event which is only opened for Race car teams, mechanics and people involved in motorsport and automotive performance industry. It has a lot of very interesting workshops. Unfortunately I can not attend this year.

Besides there is the IAV International conference on Knockin in Gasoline Engines on 12-13 December in Berlin, Germany. If I find the time I will attend. https://www.iav.com/termine/tagungen/tagung-ottomotorisches-klopfen

Here is a very good read from the last IAV Knock conferencehttps://www.iav.com/sites/default/files/veranstaltung/25/publications/34242_iav_ottomotorisches_klopfen_ans.pdf

I'll be there (haven't missed one in 16 years). Would be fun to meet in person.

OK, so it's PRI drink time then, I guess? :)

@Adrian: I've wanted to attend Colone last year but couldn't make it and due to the reason that we're going to PRI this year, I can't afford to close the shop 2 weeks prior :)

Maybe next year

I've just setup an event so we can meet up and have a few drinks. Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/287271801794051/

The Wife and I will be there, Think we're staying at the Wyndham.


Is anyone at the IAV in Berlin too now? If yes its easy to spot my, just look around for the red head, and talk to me. ;-)

Sorry Adrian, maybe next time :)

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