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Price about right linkg4+black?

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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i have a 1jzvvti in my toyota and looking to get a link g4+ storm black ecu fitted mapped etc by a company in the uk

link g4+ storm black ecu,Air temp sensor,Map sensor,Boost control solenoid and Loom adapter around £1800

mapping £600

is this around the right price?

Is it the 2.5meter looms or 0.4meter patch loom?

Is that 1800 include fitting and vat?

looks like fitting and vat included unsure of loom yet he just said loom adaptor

That's not too bad then, you're about £1300-1400 for the basics of the from Link, then all the consumables and labour to fit it.

Time for mapping, Dyno's in the UK are usually round about the £100 per hour so 6 hours for a VVTi turbo engine isn't over the top

Tristan, shoot me an email at kickerzxatgmaildotcom