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Problem with making videos go fullscreen.

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Has anyone else recently had problems making any of the videos (course or webinars) go fullscreen? Click the fullscreen button and nothing happens.

It only seems to be a problem in Chrome. Safari seems to work just fine. Happening on both of my Macs and my windows 7 VM. All three are on the current version of Chrome.

I'm having the same issue on Chrome too, Windows based machine running Windows 10

Ben will look into this today. It's unusual as Chrome is our 'go-to' browser for anyone having options.

Same here, also with Chrome and Windows 10

So now the fullscreen button is not even present when using Chrome.

Quick Googling found this for the missing fullscreen button:


Found this for the fullscreen button not working:


When trying to see things on my tiny laptop screen, anything to make it bigger helps. And yes I am too lazy to use Safari even though I know it works. ;)

Sorry about this team. I'm aware of the issue. Currently we are shifting web hosts, and switching developers. Once the shift is completed this is on the to-do list. I'll keep you in the loop.

Honestly when you know your way around, it's easy to fix.

There is only two line to fix on the code of the pages:

-There is a space missing between "mozallowfullscreen" and "allowfullscreen"

(it's written "mozallowfullscreenallowfullscreen" on each pages I checked)

That's what allow or not the fullscreen button to WORK.

-You have to remove the "no-fullscreen-support" on the player function

That's what allow or not the fullscreen button to be DISPLAYED.

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Thanks Ludo. I appreciate the fix is a simple one. However I don't currently have access. As soon as I do I'll get it changed. :)

Problem Fixed.

Fullscreen video now works.

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