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PULSAR turbochargers

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Hi ,

we are starting to see number of Pulsar turbos over here in the UK and having mapped a few on the dyno they seem to work quite well but we have run fairly conservative tunes at the moment and no launch or als

Does anyone have experience with this brand


Gavin Bey who operates Beytek in Scotland has pushed them pretty hard and sells them. Plenty of big name shops are using them as default turbo in builds now in Australia on big power alcohol fuelled setups. It's my intention to use them on a couple of builds in the next few years. Australian Facebook groups can be pretty savage if people have failures, I can't recall seeing any. They do state inconel rather than the mar-m Garrett spec for the smaller turbines so there may be a bit of difference in heat tolerance on the small stuff, then again you could have two complete spares sitting on the shelf for the price of a Garrett.

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