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Pwm clutch slipper valve

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Hey guys, I may be going off on a tangent here so bear with me. I'm looking to add a clutch slipper valve much like Andre has spoken of back when he was racing the Evo, these things are readily available these days in various forms (for a sizable fee) from the likes of magnus racing, tilton etc.

I had a thought (dangerous I know) that why bother with a line lock solenoid to bypass the flow control valve if you could cut out the middle man and use a normally open pwm valve when your launch conditions are met?

I have such a valve in the form of a spare mac valve, I've seen these used for water meth and all sorts of fluid metering with the middle port blocked off. Just wondering if this idea has any merit and worth chasing up?


Might be missing your query point, but.

Are you planning on using the ECU to control the bleeding of the valve that brings the clutch into engagement - I guess it's possible to do this with PWM by the ECU, but a simple manual valve adjustment may be easier and more practical, not least because you can just turn it on the line, if required, without a PC to access the S/W.

Or are you thinking of using a couple of check valves - a manual one to shut and hold down the clutch when you've depressed the clutch, and a second one that is opened by the ECU as part of the launch process? I mean having it so you need only hit, or release, a 'launch' button without having to physically lift the clutch foot - there may be a slightly faster, or more consistent, reaction that way.

I wasn't initially looking to reinvent the wheel as such, the magnus slipper setup is a nice solution as you can set it up to slowly release the clutch on launch with the manual bleed valve circuit and then bypass the slipper device for the rest of the pass, unlike the tilton style valve where the clutch will slowly release any time it is pressed and has very little tunablility also requiring bleeding every time.

I'm mostly looking to use what I already have to achieve the same result with the advantage of full ecu control over the launch and how hard or soft I could set the duty cycle to control clutch release. I hadn't initially thought about it but I believe it could be set up as a kind of holeshot device by locking the solenoid closed when the clutch is preloaded and have it launch off a button, very good idea there. It almost sounds too good to be true!

in a youtube trawl - i just saw something on a channel called "nxt shift" where they showed off their "stickshift transbrake" - sounds similar to what you were wanting to do but this is a complete product - look it up and they have vids of it in slow mo on the startline of a drag strip and explain what its about and how it works

They call it a mansbrake - manual transbrake lol

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