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R32 GTR not engaging 4WD

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Hey guys and girls got a 32 GTR just had a full rebuild and a new link g4 installed... everything is running sweet on it except the 4WD light stays on and its stuck in RWD... its had an abs delete done before the rebuild and was working fine.. i have already changed the 4WD ecu and nothing has changed.. any help would be great!!


Check the jumper on the bottom board is set to the 2:3 position (jumper shorting the two pins). Also this note in the manual may apply:

Cheers Adam.

Yeah i have done all that and still nothing...

There are only two signals from the ECU involved - RPM & TPS, both of which are needed for the engine to even run, so we can probably say those are likely ok and the problem lay elsewhere.

Grab this atessa troubleshooting section from my onedrive link below, start by reading the fault codes off the ETS ecu and see where that leads.!AiYbYlZQuRHPnj2Dc1Sww5nBxxqY

Hey Adam.

Quick question... in the link ecu can you adjust the tps out voltage?

The TPS out is directly proportional to TPS voltage.

Two adjustments that affect the TPS output signal. 1 is the position of the TPS sensor on the throttle body, you can rotate it to adjust the voltage a little. The other is the jumper position on the bottom board, this selects between 2 different "ratios", 1:1(most R34 GTR's) or 2:3 (most R32/33). In the 1:1 position if TPS input is 3V, then TPS output will be 3V. In the 2:3 position if TPS input is 3V, output will be 2V.