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Rear mount Turbo... Opinions? info?

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Hey guys, Considering a rear mount turbo on our VS 5.0L V8... Because, well we are just playing... never done it before and not many people do so why not check it out... The engine bay is chockas already so would need to relocate alot of things, This will be much easier to package. Being V8 it will be very simple to join both banks at the end of both extractors then the Turbo will be about 600mm behind that so its not "that" far away.

I understand the biggest drawback would be the loss of exhaust velocity/kinetic and heat energy.

With regard to heat I guess the best you can do is try to stop any heat escaping and insulate the piping as much as possible so looking at using Stainless pipe and heat wrapping it...

Keeping the heat in the pipes I imagine would help with Velocity by keeping it from contracting, Would it also be good to taper the pipes, as no doubt temperature will reduce regardless... Ive not studied thermal or fluid dynamics but im guessing it would be possible calculate the pipe size and degree of taper for best efficientcy.

Would turbo sizing be the same, or due to the loss of energy would you be better off with a smaller turbine?

Was going to use Alloy piping on the intake side, try get it in the airstream as much as possible but also need to find a balance with ground clearance... Fins would likely help but I dont think I could be botherd welding on a heap of fins!

I know ill have to use a oil scavange pump setup... do I just need to make a collection pan/tank and a pump to run it back to the engine... Will normal engine oil pressure from the motor be enough to feed the turbo? -3 or -4 lines?