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As per title really, decided there's absolutely no way I'm faffing on with the OE ECU to control boost.

What are people running? Pros/Cons and views on your current controller what it features ect. Sell it to me!

I guess it depends on what kind of vehicle you are using, and for what application.

On later model vehicles, particularly with CAN buses and DSG gearboxes, you should look at units such as the plex PBC pro, or if your inclined the cortex boost controller.

For more basic stuff, i've always had good success with turbosmart eboost street and eboost 2.

I was always a fan of the Apexi AVCR as well, as you were able to change the aim boost through the rev range. However, their pressure sensors were pretty prone to drifting off.

For stand alone c02 boost control, the AMS2000 does the job well enough.


The car is a MK5 Golf GTI TFSI that is being converted to AWD and is being fully built for the track, however it still has to be street driven now and then as I will be mapping it on the road then confirming on a RR. Something where I change between boost maps from the drivers seat would be ideal so its not ridiculous on the road.

thanks for the options i'll be looking into them

For Volkswagen and Audi stuff i have used the plex and and cortex. You will only need to wire power and ground, the solenoid and tap into the powertrain can from the gateway module under the dash. This will give you rpm, throttle, vehicle speed.

They will allow you to do boost by gear/throttle and put in safety strategies it you want. The cortex user interface is a bit average and its hard to do anything without a laptop plugged in, so the plex gets my strong recommendation.


had a look at all the controllers suggested and the Plex controller is a good shout! That's an ideal setup with being able to boost by wheel speed, throttle position and gear!

Thanks for all your help!

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