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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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I've just had a quick hour on the remote dyno with Andre and Alan, I have to say its well worth while spending some time on it if your not currently tuning or are just starting out.

In our hour we covered operation of the dyno software, the tuning software for the ECU that's in use (currently Link) and the throttle controller, whilst actually getting to control everything. We then covered fuel tuning and they left me to actually control the engine and tune to target the engine on the dyno and then ignition timing, tuning to MBT. All of the changes that I've made have been saved in my personal file, this means that when I go back for another session I can pick up from where I left off previously.

As far as an initial session goes this covers the basics for tuning a N/A engine giving practical experience to back up the theories that are covered in the courses and webinars on the site. Andre mentioned that in further sessions they'll go over tuning of the VVTi and other functions but first the basics need covered, and the fuel and ignition tables need tuned.

OK, so what's the "high score"? -- How much torque / power did your tune make (and at what RPM?)

haha, we stuck to 2000 RPM as it was a tester session to see how much they could fit into an hour, answer is plenty for that

Great !!! Happy for you !

Impatient on my side ;)

@David - Very little is the answer. Sadly the little 1ZZ is no power house :(

Turbocharged it can be more attractive in a lightweight car :) Even low boost.

I am kidding because my everyday car has 1ZZ engine and I agree with you :)

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